Riley Webb Embarks on Rookie Year

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Bursting out of the roping box at the WNFR has been Riley Webb’s goal since he started roping as a child. At 18, the tie-down roper from Denton, Texas, is embarking on his rookie year in the PRCA. The high school senior filled his permit within two months, and already competed in several 2022 season rodeos. “I’m trying to go to all the big ones I can: Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Cheyenne,” says Riley. “I’ll try to get the big stops and get enough money hopefully for rookie of the year.”

Riley Web at RFDTV The American Rodeo March 2021

Riley ropes and rides daily. He started hauling to some rodeos on his own in a truck and trailer he purchased with his earnings. But Riley also enjoys the company of his parents, Jennifer and Dirk Webb. Dirk is the manager of The American Rodeo and Jennifer helps him produce the breakaway and tie-down roping at the Junior World Finals. Riley is competing in the Finals and will run 25-30 calves in Las Vegas with all the roping opportunities in December. “We’ve always wanted the best for Riley. But we didn’t realize he’d take roping to the next level so quick,” says Dirk. “He’s blessed with God-given talent, and he works hard at it.”

Riley always follows his roping run with a phone call home or video to his parents to share his news. He competed in the WCRA this summer and roped for a million dollars, and just competed in the United Pro Rodeo Association’s finals leading the tie-down roping. He is eligible for one more year of high school rodeo, but wants to focus on qualifying for the WNFR. “At the same time, it’s the same as a junior roping, but also a different level. But you still have to do your job, and on any given day, you can win.”

The Web Family. Dirk (Father), Riley, Jennifer (Mother)

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Lily Landreth and Sugar at the Snake River Stampede.
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