Hailey Frederiksen Wins Miss Rodeo America 2022!

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By Lillian Landreth

Hailey Frederiksen was crowned Miss Rodeo America 2022 on December 5th in Las Vegas. The long-awaited pageant, last held in December of 2019, took place after a historic hiatus due to the pandemic.  Like many rodeo queens across the country, 24-year-old Hailey from Wellington, Colorado, represented her Centennial State through 2020 and 2021. She is the sixth Miss Rodeo Colorado to win the Miss Rodeo America title, last won by Tara (Graham) Rowe in 2001.

Hailey Frederiksen was crowned Miss Rodeo America 2022 on December 5th in Las Vegas

During the Miss Rodeo America pageant, Hailey and 31 other contestants were judged on appearance, horsemanship, and personality over the course of five days. Many of the rodeo queens refer to one another as sash sisters, and Hailey took the sisterhood to heart. “Having those two years (reigning) is something that we have never seen before in the state and Miss Rodeo America organizations. Even though I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with those girls, being here (in Las Vegas) for eight days has honestly been the most rewarding experience of my entire life. I can’t wait to have another year with some incredible girls I know will represent this great sport.”

Rodeo Sorority

The other top five finalists were Miss Rodeo Oklahoma, Kylie Myers; Miss Rodeo Nebraska, Joeli Walrath; Miss Rodeo Texas, Bobbi Loran; and Miss Rodeo Idaho, Nicole Jordan, who was first runner up.

Among the sash sisters in the audience was the second Miss Rodeo America, Dallas (Hunt) George, who reigned in 1957, and continues to volunteer in the MRA organization today. Miss Rodeo USA, Kylee Campbell, was also in attendance, as well as Miss Rodeo Canada, Alicia Erickson.

Miss Rodeo USA, Kylee Campbell (Left) and Miss Rodeo Canada, Alicia Erickson (Right)

As the second college graduate from her family, Hailey is a huge proponent of higher education, and plans to finish her master’s degree at Oklahoma State University in agricultural marketing following her reign. “I may only get one year as Miss Rodeo America, but I will always represent rodeo and agriculture throughout my entire life. I am just that passionate about this lifestyle, and I can’t wait to share that with everyone I meet.”

Congratulations Hailey!

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