The Road to the Miss Rodeo America Pageant: Jackie Scarry, Miss Rodeo California

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By Jordan Maldonado

Unexpected. That’s the one word Jackie Scarry, Miss Rodeo California 2022, uses to describe her reign as the current Miss Rodeo California. Not in a bad way though.

The Redding, Calif. native found unexpected friendships, took unexpected adventures and had unexpected life-changing moments along the way.
Like every rodeo queen’s journey, Scarry’s story is a unique one. Not growing up in a rodeo family meant paving the way for herself as a rodeo queen without many people outside of her family being in her corner.
“My journey started when I met my first rodeo queen in 2004, so I was about seven or eight,” Scarry said. “She was our local Miss Redding Rodeo. That kind of just spurred the desire to want to be a rodeo queen, but I didn’t compete for my first title until 2009, when I ran for the Red Bluff Junior Round-Up Junior Rodeo Association Princess and got first runner-up.”
After focusing on high school, Scarry decided to run for Miss Redding Rodeo in 2016 and received first runner-up. Scarry wasn’t going to give up easily though and decided to run one more time.
In 2017, Scarry was crowned Miss Redding Rodeo and her travels with the title led to her desire to pursue a higher title. In 2018, she competed for Miss Rodeo California and received first runner-up Miss Rodeo California.
Although feeling a little defeated, Scarry wanted to get one more title before going back to compete for Miss Rodeo California again. She competed for 2019 Miss Gold Country Pro Rodeo Queen and walked away with the title.

Then the coronavirus hit, and her title was extended to a two-year reign. Scarry had to rediscover the desire to be a public servant because of the unexpected feeling that came with the coronavirus.
Scarry persevered and decided she would give it one more try, but if it was not in God’s plans, then it was not meant to be. This time she walked away with the crown and the title of Miss Rodeo California 2022.
“It is a huge honor and a blessing in disguise,” Scarry said.
Being a rodeo queen allows young women to be presented with many rewarding opportunities and experiences. Scarry said that the most rewarding part of her journey has been meeting, talking to and educating children. Her platform has allowed her to be an inspiration to kids just like her who did not grow up in the rodeo industry, but want to be part of the community.

“My platform for the year has been to be the lights to everyone I meet,” Scarry said. “Whether it’s offering a small smile, a “hello”, asking how their day has been, or being an inspiration for them to chase after something that they don’t know anything about but to just do it anyway.”
Holding the title of Miss Rodeo California allows Scarry to compete for the prestigious title of Miss Rodeo America Nov. 27- Dec. 4 at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas.
Scarry has been vigorously preparing for the eight-day marathon that is the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. Not only does the job of Miss Rodeo America require knowledge of the rodeo industry and current events, the titleholder should also be an excellent horsewoman.
“I have been doing a little bit of everything that I possibly can,” Scarry said. “Riding horses as much as possible. I participated in the 50 Pink Horses Challenge, where we ride 50 horses in October. So my goal was to ride different horses from different backgrounds with different training levels.”
One thing that is keeping Scarry motivated throughout the exhausting process of preparing for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant is a quote by J.R. Tolkien, “Not all who wander are lost.” She has learned that it is okay to find things out as she goes and take things stride for stride.

“Whether it’s in your plan in God’s design for you to win, or to not win, you’re going to go out there and have fun and make memories,” Scarry said. “If you don’t win, that’s okay, you still had an opportunity that not everyone gets to have.”
Upon completion of her reign as Miss Rodeo California and potentially Miss Rodeo America, Scarry plans to apply to Florida State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Crime Scene Investigations to become a Crime Scene Investigator.
Public safety has always been in Scarry’s blood, her grandfather is a retired California Highway Patrolman, and her father is a retired investigator for the Shasta County District Attorney’s office. For Scarry, following in her family’s footsteps as a public servant just seems natural.
Along with pursuing her bachelor’s degree, Scarry also plans to get back into the show ring with her horse, Loki. They compete in ranch riding events at local level school shows in the state of California.
Scarry has been a wonderful representative of the state of California and the sport of rodeo throughout 2022. She is sure to do great things at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant and in her life following the conclusion of her rodeo queen career.


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