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As a kid from Georgia, John King has been trying to make it big in the country music world.

“This last week was our last round. We’ve been touring since late spring,” King said. Traveling with Blake Shelton, King was lucky enough to make his way to Cheyenne Frontier Days for the first time. “Forever one of my favorite shows. It was such a memorable night,” King said. “25,000 screaming fans, they were an unbelievable crowd. It goes from a rodeo to a massive music festival within an hour or two. It was really cool and the people were great.”

done everything from fairs, festivals, rodeos to bigger headlining support slots for Blake Shelton
over the past year.”

John King, Nashville Superstar

King has recently begun to host campfire sessions around Wyoming and Montana. His most recent one was in Dubois, Wyoming. “It was a lot of fun. A cool way to close out the year,” King said. “Dubois is awesome. The Absaroka Mountain range there is beautiful. We get to go out there and we’ve done it for two years in a row. We go out there every summer, kind of late summer and do a concert out at the ranch there and then we’ll hang around for a few extra days and do a campfire session.” Not only does King get to spend a few days in Wyoming and Montana hosting campfire sessions but he gets to do it with his family.

“Family is everything to me,” King said. “One thing you learn throughout this career is if you can bring your family on the road with you it just makes it that much sweeter to get to share all these experiences together and meet all these wonderful people. So the past two years, I’ve been really lucky to have the ability to do that. My wife was a teacher for years and she decided to stop working when we had our baby girl and they’ve really been my little sidekicks ever since and it’s been really fun.”

King put out his debut album, Always Gonna Be You, this past year. It’s his first full length album. “I’ve always wanted to have a full length album that people can put on and listen to from top to bottom,” King said. “Something that told a story in my own words. Some of those songs are a few years old. I’ve just been kind of holding onto them, waiting for the right time and it came within the last few months and I felt like they completed the album. It’s really my story.”


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