The ARENA 2023 Tournament of Roses Equestrian Pictorial

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The ARENA 2023 Tournament of Roses Equestrian Pictorial is a celebration of the timeless beauty and grandeur of the Rose Parade, with a special focus on the incredible equestrian participants who add so much to this beloved event.


The Rose Parade is a stunning spectacle, featuring a magnificent parade of floats and bands, all bedecked in the colors of the season. But among the many sights and sounds that make this event so magical, there is nothing quite as breathtaking as the equestrian entries.

Mounted color guards, rodeo drill teams, and groups celebrating traditions from around the world all add to the pageantry of the parade. The sight of these magnificent animals and their riders, all dressed in vibrant costumes and adorned with intricate decorations, is truly a sight to behold.

The equestrian entries are a true showcase of the skill and artistry of these riders and their animals. The precision and coordination of the drill teams is truly awe-inspiring, and the beauty and grace of the color guard entries is truly breathtaking.

And while the equestrian entries are certainly a highlight of the parade, they also serve to remind us of the deep and rich traditions that are so deeply ingrained in our culture. From the rodeo drill teams celebrating the cowboy spirit of the west, to the color guard entries paying tribute to our military and first responders, these equestrian entries are a powerful reminder of the heritage and history that make our country so great.

So whether you’re a lifelong fan of the Rose Parade or a first-time spectator, the ARENA 2023 Tournament of Roses Equestrian Pictorial is a must-see event. With its spectacular equestrian entries, this parade is sure to be a true celebration of the beauty, skill, and tradition that make the Rose Parade such a beloved tradition.


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