Where Rodeo Meets the Road — Visits with AH Performance Stall Mats.

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Providing a comfortable surface options for high performance livestock. Listen as Ashley Heflin (Owner) talks about her story and the benefits of using an AH Performance Mat.

Ashley Heflin owner of AH PERFORMANCE STALL MATS

“AH stall mats were created because we wanted something to use while traveling and giving therapy sessions to performance horses and livestock. Why spend thousands of dollars on care for your performance animals only to have them stand on concrete at a show? We wanted an option for these animals to feel and perform their best, so we made one.”

Our mats are 100% made in the USA, both vinyl and foam mats!

They are a great addition to any therapy business, livestock shows, to be used while tied at trailers, and of course in stalls! They are VERY durable!

Each mat has vinyl top with anti slip texture. This makes the mats more durable and safer when wet! 

The bottom is closed cell foam on bottom. The top or bottom will NOT absorb moisture. We recommend one bag of shavings in stalls to absorb urine.  The 1.25” of mat provides therapeutic comfort.  These mats are shock absorbing helping keep your horses and cattle safe from injury.

Performance mats are easy to install: Simply roll out your mat and lay it where you want! Use multiple locations at the show. Only weighing 17lbs.

Mats are easy to clean and maintain.  The durable vinyl surface is easy to clean with water, or just sweep or shake off.  NON SLIP textured top so no slipping on our mats while wet.

Performance Mats are the ONLY mats on market with state of the art laser artwork. We use professional graphic designers for each design on the mats.

We offer custom designed mats as well!


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