The Diaz Equestrian Family — Extravagant and first-class.

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Simple, but correct: yet, still extravagant and first-class. That’s what the Diaz family prides themselves on.

Jerry, Staci and Nicolas Diaz have all been in the equine, rodeo and performance industries their entire lives. Now, together as a family, they produce the highest-quality Mexican rodeo entertainment at events across the country including the State Fair of Texas, the Greeley Stampede, the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and many others!

Jerry comes from a legacy of ranch people in Mexico and learned how to be a horseman from his father who trained horses for the family of the president of Mexico, performed with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus and was a true charro.

“When I was a little boy, he (Jerry’s father) would have gatherings at the ranch and have me sing a song, spin the rope and dance my horse,” Jerry remembered. “Watching him perform, he was my idol. Things went up for me from there, and the Lord blessed me to perform as a specialty act, starting in San Antonio.”

Jerry has earned several awards throughout his career since including the Federation of Charros’ Golden Spur Award and being inducted into the National Cowboys of Color Museum & Hall of Fame, the Texas Trail of Fame and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. He is also very involved in the rodeo industry as a member and director for the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, as well as one of the original ambassadors for Purina.

“I’ve been so blessed to meet some of the most successful people in the world because of horses, rodeo and this industry,” Jerry said. “How many people get to sit across the table from some of the most successful business people, listen to them and have them ask you questions because they respect your knowledge? It’s just so meaningful.”

Staci is a third generation horsewoman known for her Roman riding, dancing horses, Liberty horses and trick riding, and she has also had a very successful career doing stunt work in the film industry. In 1988, Jerry and Staci’s family were put in contact about doing shows together; and after 10 years of seeing each other around the nation at various events, the couple got married horseback in 1999.

“One year, we saw each other at the NFR, and he invited me to go to the rodeo as spectators,” Staci said. “That’s when we both kind of knew we spoke the same language, because I had never met anybody that I had so much in common with. Then, he made the first trip to my parents’ ranch, and it just grew and grew. We started doing performances together, and here we are!”

In 2003, Jerry and Staci welcomed Nicolas into their lives traveling and performing; and he’s been heavily involved in the family business and industry ever since, while also finding his way into some of his own passions. Nicolas now breeds and shows Andalusian horses (in which he is already a national champion), has found a passion for equine photography and plays a large role in the production of each of his family’s shows.

“My parents have spent many years traveling down the road, and I’ve lived a little portion of that; but I really like all the work that goes in behind it,” Nicolas said. “If there wasn’t work behind it, the outcome wouldn’t be as special; and I think that’s what attracts me to it the most, whether it be putting in months or years training a horse or putting in countless hours on the production side to see a show come to life.”

A family of true horse lovers, the Diaz’ strive to entertain and educate about the industry and their culture, whether it be at major rodeos and events or right on their ranch in south Texas. For more information on the Diaz family and all they do, visit their website.

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Lily Landreth and Sugar at the Snake River Stampede.
Lily Landreth and Sugar

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