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OpenBet will work with ALT Sports Data to provide affiliate services for PBR and additional services for alternative sports

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NEW YORK (July 18, 2023) – OpenBet, a leading sports betting entertainment provider, has teamed up with ALT Sports Data to introduce official pricing and odds for PBR (Professional Bull Riders) events. This exciting partnership opens up legal and official betting opportunities for PBR fans for the very first time.

A Win for Fans and Sportsbooks

The collaboration between OpenBet and PBR, both Endeavor-owned properties, promises to offer new betting opportunities, starting with the upcoming 2023 PBR Team Series. As the bull riding league commences its second 11-event season in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 24-25, fans can now place bets with confidence using OpenBet’s unrivaled pricing, trading, and data services. The focus will be on PBR Teams, the elite Unleash The Beast, and the highly anticipated World Finals.

Empowering Affiliates and Expanding Reach

OpenBet’s partnership with ALT Sports Data extends beyond odds and pricing. The collaboration brings affiliate marketing services to PBR, enabling the referral of players to regulated sportsbooks. With this holistic approach, the PBR betting experience is set to be further enhanced, leading to increased fan engagement and reach.

Bridging the Gap for Better Odds

PBR’s Chief Revenue Officer, Josh Baker, highlights the significance of this collaboration. He notes that PBR betting is now legal in 11 states, representing an untapped betting market for the sport known for its nonstop excitement and drama. PBR fans, being 89% more likely to bet on sports than the general public, will now have access to comprehensive data-driven odds, bridging the gap between the sport and the betting world.

“PBR betting is now approved in 11 states, providing an untapped betting market for a sport with nonstop excitement and drama,”

said Josh Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, PBR.

PBR’s Unwavering Growth

As the PBR charges forward into the mainstream, the 2023 season has already proven to be the organization’s most successful in its 30-year history. Drawing over 775,000 fans across its top two U.S. tours from January to May, including 30 sold-out events, the sport continues to expand its presence. Alongside thrilling bull riding action, PBR has ventured off the dirt with the opening of its 13th PBR Cowboy Bar in Miami, the launch of the Western sport and lifestyle magazine Gold Buckle, and the premiere of the breakout docuseries “The Ride” on Prime Video.

The partnership between OpenBet and ALT Sports Data is a game-changer for PBR fans and the betting community. By providing official odds and pricing, this collaboration creates an enhanced betting experience, allowing PBR to tap into a previously unexplored and promising market. Join the excitement as PBR continues to cement its place as a premier sporting spectacle with thrilling events, new ventures, and now, official betting opportunities.

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