Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with WPRA Rookie Barrel Racer Kalli McCall

Today’s guest is WPRA Rookie Barrel Racer Kalli McCall. The 2023 Resistol Rookie barrel race is a tight one this year. All year Kalli has been battling with Rainey Skelton and Victoria Procter to see who will be the top Rookie this year. A big win came for Kalli at the Rookie Roundup in Fort Worth ealier this year with her horse Mohawk. All summer long Kalli has been grinding away to acheive her goals. Kalli has brought on a new horse into her lineup named Dyna, who she will finish up the season with. Win or lose she has given it her all.

Where Rodeo Meets the Road: Spotlight on Cade Staton, Dedicated PRCA Steer Wrestler

Step into the riveting world of rodeo with our latest episode as we spotlight Cade Staton, a dedicated PRCA Steer Wrestler. Despite his unranked status, Cade’s unyielding determination echoes through his decade-long journey in the sport. Join us in unraveling his inspiring story, marked by recent triumphs, including his notable Pecos Rodeo win. Tune in and discover the heart and passion that drives Cade’s commitment to both family and rodeo.

Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with Rodeo Royalty, Hailey Frederiksen

Welcome to “Where Rodeo Meets the Road,” the ultimate podcast that delves into the captivating stories of cowboys, cowgirls, and esteemed rodeo royalty. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey with a different rodeo personality in each episode, tracing their remarkable evolution from humble beginnings to their current influential role within the rodeo community. Today, we are thrilled to uncover the inspiring narrative of Hailey Frederiksen, the reigning Miss Rodeo America 2022, as she seamlessly transitions from rodeo royalty to an engaging on-air personality with the prestigious Cowboy Channel. Buckle up and hit the rodeo road as we unravel her extraordinary tale.

Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with Rookie Barrel Racer, Victoria Proctor

Get ready for an electrifying episode on ‘Where Rodeo Meets the Road’ as we sit down with the remarkable Victoria Proctor, a rising star in the world of rodeo. Join us as we dive into the captivating journey of this talented WPRA Rookie Barrel Racer, currently ranked 9th in the rookie standings. Victoria shares her inspiring story of determination and resilience, overcoming challenges to reach her current success. This exclusive interview is a must-listen for all rodeo enthusiasts, offering valuable insights and inspiration. Don’t forget to visit our website for more captivating articles and stunning photos showcasing the latest rodeo events and current news. Tune in now and keep the rodeo spirit alive!

Where Rodeo Meets the Road meets with the heart and soul of Cowboy World, A.D. Hatton

Join us on the latest episode of ‘Where Rodeo Meets the Road’ as we sit down with a true legend, AD Hatton, the driving force behind the iconic Cowboy World brand. Prepare to be captivated as AD shares incredible stories of the remarkable individuals he’s crossed paths with and unveils the profound mission that fuels Cowboy World. Step into the exhilarating world of rodeo and get to know the exceptional people who shape its greatness. Also, don’t miss out as hosts Ken and Hannah share their insights on the thrilling Reno Rodeo, Pecos, Prescott, and the legendary Rocker Steiner. It’s a must-listen episode filled with rodeo excitement and inspiration!

Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with Bareback rider Tilden Hooper

Discover the incredible journey of Tilden Hooper, an exceptional bareback rider, as he joins us on ‘Where Rodeo Meets the Road.’ In this captivating episode, Tilden shares his inspiring story of triumph over a chronic injury that has tested his resilience. While on the road to recovery, he cherishes precious moments with his family and explores his other passions. Gain insight into Tilden’s early years in the PRCA and the exhilarating path that led him to the world of rodeo. Follow his remarkable journey and join us in wishing Tilden a speedy return to doing what he does best: RODEO. Don’t miss this compelling episode of the ‘Where Rodeo Meets the Road’ podcast!