Kansas City Outlaws Secure Dominating Victory at PBR Stampede Days in Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Witness the thrilling spectacle of PBR Stampede Days in Nashville as the Kansas City Outlaws showcased their exceptional prowess, triumphing over five formidable rivals in an intense showdown during the 2023 PBR Camping World Team Series. This gripping event witnessed two dramatic walk-off wins on Championship Sunday, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Outlaws Rise to Glory

The Kansas City Outlaws, renowned for their competitive spirit, secured an impressive 90-point ride, clinching victory at the PBR Stampede Days and catapulting themselves to a remarkable No. 3 rank in the league. With a 2-1 game play record inside the renowned Bridgestone Arena, the Outlaws proved their mettle and solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the 2023 season.

Cassio Dias vs Mike’s Motive during the third day of the Nashville PBR Teams event. Photo by: Bull Stock Media

Belief in Success

Celebrating their triumph, Outlaws Head Coach J.W. Hart praised his roster’s unwavering commitment and belief in their collective potential. Hart lauded his team’s ability to overcome language barriers, emphasizing the significance of self-belief as the cornerstone of success.

Standout Performances

Cassio Dias emerged as a standout rider for the Outlaws, showcasing unparalleled skill by going 4-for-4 over the weekend, with three remarkable 90-point rides, including the clincher during the Extra Outs.

Thrilling Battles and Triumphs

In an exhilarating sequence of challenges, the Outlaws faced off against a series of formidable opponents. Their opening encounter against the Texas Rattlers resulted in a narrow defeat in walk-off fashion. However, the Outlaws quickly rebounded by delivering a resounding win against the host Nashville Stampede, securing victory with a monumental 90-point ride from Dias.

Championship Sunday Triumphs

As the event reached its crescendo on Championship Sunday, the Outlaws displayed unyielding determination against the Carolina Cowboys. In a must-ride situation, Dias, a former Brazilian World Champion, triumphed once again, enabling the Outlaws to clinch victory in walk-off style against the Cowboys.

Unprecedented Extra Outs Elimination

A historical moment unfolded as six teams, including the Outlaws, Stampede, Rattlers, Freedom, Gamblers, and Ridge Riders, participated in the Extra Outs elimination, a first in PBR Teams history. The intensified competition elevated the event’s excitement, capturing the audience’s attention.

Triumphant Conclusion

The Kansas City Outlaws sealed their victory with an awe-inspiring 91.25-point ride by Dias, putting an exclamation point on their performance. The Outlaws’ stellar achievements showcased their unwavering dedication and exceptional riding prowess.

Future Endeavors and Exciting Events

The PBR Camping World Team Series continues its exhilarating journey, with the next event scheduled at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. Mark your calendars for this thrilling event, where the best riders will once again compete for supremacy and glory.

Experience the excitement anew with PBR RidePass on Pluto TV, offering replays of all the thrilling PBR Camping World Team Series action from Nashville, Tennessee. Stay tuned and relive the captivating moments that define this remarkable event.

The captivating PBR Camping World Team Series has captivated fans with unforgettable moments, showcasing the extraordinary talents of riders and their enduring pursuit of excellence.

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