Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with 4x PRCA Specialty Act of the Year, Tomas Garcilazo, “Charro on the Road”

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Charro on the Road

Tomas Garcilazo “Charro on the Road” a third generation charro who has performed around the world with his family. Tomas came from humble beginnings in Mexico City, and was introduced to the life style through his family. His Uncle Angel Barrera was a World Champion, and his brothers are accomplished cowboys. Tomas and his family have been named specialty act of the year by the PRCA 4 times, and has performed at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for the past 25 years. Tomas is alwasys accompanied in the arena with his wife Justine, and his oldest son Louis. Louis at 9 years old has been performing in front of thousands and has performed for the last couple years at the NFR with his family. A true horseman, gentleman, and more importantly a Father and Husband.

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