Where Rodeo Meets the Road: Spotlight on Cade Staton, Dedicated PRCA Steer Wrestler

Step into the riveting world of rodeo with our latest episode as we spotlight Cade Staton, a dedicated PRCA Steer Wrestler. Despite his unranked status, Cade’s unyielding determination echoes through his decade-long journey in the sport. Join us in unraveling his inspiring story, marked by recent triumphs, including his notable Pecos Rodeo win. Tune in and discover the heart and passion that drives Cade’s commitment to both family and rodeo.

Where Rodeo Meets the Road visits with PRCA rookie steer wrestling sensation, Cash Robb

Cash Robb is the 2020 NHRA Steer Wrestling Champion, is Currently leading in the PRCA standing in Steer Wrestling, and 12th in the World Standings. Cash Robb is having an outstanding rookie season winning the Resistol Rookie Roundup in Fort Worth this past weekend. Cash has been throwing down steers for half his life and wouldnt want to be doing anything else. We caught up to Cash on his way to Guymon, Oklahoma for a rodeo this weekend. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this young man in Las Vegas come December.